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Sally is ink on paper: Skythehedgehog47 Featured By Owner Jul 27, Hacking, acrobatic skills, diplomatic experience, leadership skills, martial arts skillszzz, zzszkilled strategiszzzzzz…, swimmmmingssszzzzzz….

I didn't start to get annoyed with her until around ish when I noticed she had basically become the conflict null zone. Kid comics cannot show gore. Indonesian girl fuck. Now, keep in mind, bullets travel at approximately 1, mph. Naked sally acorn. After all in the games released at the same time as SatAm was Tails shown as nearly as competent as Sonic and her not letting him go on adventures while letting antown go and go unpunished despite the numerous times he nearly doomed the Freedom fighters giving Robotnik a power ring or for the most asinine of reason nearly give snivly the location of Knock-hole village makes her look dumb while no one ever calls her out on her mistakes an issue Sally would continue to have through most of the post Archie comic series or can you tell me 3 instances were her making an mistake was punished as harsh as for Sonic I can only thing of situations like Metal Madness were despite having no prove sonic automatically guilty and thrown into jail while not soon before this story Sally did the exact same thing with everyone knowing for a fact that she did go against there collective decision and was not punished at all for it.

They often twist around the words of Sally fans and use any material against them. The fact Sally has almost never had a temper vice before ornery and stubborn maybe, but not violent makes this double standard all the more blatant. The effort had failed, and he had thus erected a shrine to her on the side of his home on Isolated Island. Sure, keeping them in the dark with the first one was stupid, but everyone grows from their mistakes. During the first season it seemed like they were going to be pretty evenhanded with the screen-time but then the second season happened and both of them became nearly indistinguishable from random background characters.

Well, places such as the anti-Sally Sue club, define a Mary Sue as a character whose relevance to the story has been at the consequence of plotholes. Lesbian gymnast videos. Aww, she needs a hug Sonic encouraged her, but both were unpleasantly surprised to learn that the next Chaos Emerald was in the hands of an old acquaintance: This one was inspired by one of my favorite animes, Fullmetal Alchemist. She was also the one to first confront Fiona Fox about her betrayal of Sonic and the Freedom Fighters, after Tails revealed to her Fiona was actually in love with Scourge.

But Sally, I feel like she's a hoe. Hide Media Preview Submit Comment. Mina was created for the sole purpose of being yet another more perfect love interest for Sonic. Silver is a psychic. She can most certainly not be a Mary Sue, but she needs to be handled delicately as a character because she treads a fine line. Get a better writer that is willing to give her something to DO with her skills. I kinda view Sonic as a guy who just hangs out with Sally since she isn't a crazy fangirl and before you say anything I also think he cares for Amy just as much, He didin't save Amy in Sonic CD because he loved her, he saved her because she was in trouble.

The darkness really tells the tone here. The spot of female lead should always go to Amy. I love Sally, don't get me wrong. So that means that Amy isn't official either. Huge tits in bra pics. And here's my response: You are revealing a naked woman to young viewers and this created some very gross fan art of sally.

I really wanted to clear things up with fanbrats like them. The main reason why Sally Acorn receives so much hate is that the younger Sonic fandom prefers Sonic and Amy in a romantic relationship. She founded the Sonic fanclub in Knothole Village, and was also defending Sonic at his trial, after he was arrested for attacking Knothole as Mecha Sonic.

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The effort had failed, and he had thus erected a shrine to her on the side of his home on Isolated Island. Julia bond lesbian porn. I so wish for that as well. Supersonic Featured By Owner Sep 2, She's a bitch to Amy, she gets in the way of Sonamy. Naked sally acorn. Keep shipping it, but just admit it. Blaze is a princess, but I don't see anyone complaining about her.

The real issue here, is that Archie has been treating them as stand-ins for whatever they need. That creates a problem for any other characters you add in - it doesn't matter how complex and thought-out they are, if the people they're working with, so to speak, are simple and inflexible, there's little they can do to go anywhere without the aid of contrived plots and out-of-character actions.

It annoyed me even if I loved Sally. Sally Acorn is stupider then big, needs more help then Elise and way more annoying then Chris she deserves to be number one on this list. It is in human nature, which Mobians share, to seek comfort from close friends and love interests after a rough break up.

She is kind of the prime example of why writers should not write characters they are in love with. That problem is primarily because when she displays these skills they are also usually within the same context of usage as the characters who have that same ability battle. Mixed sexy girls. Personally, she is said to put a huge amount of pressure on herself to make the best decision whenever possible.

I'm sorry, if you like SonAmy, go ahead, I'm not trying to get in the way, but why don't you just admit it?

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It was the writers fault. Sally isn't a perfect character. Ssoniicfan Featured By Owner Jul 13, Again the whole Tails is a child thing was for Game fans a bad Idea from the start because the Games never portrayed Tails like this ever since Sonic 2 was he shown to be strong and fast just like sonic and he was even a capable pilot and he was in the American Manual at the time even stated to invented the spindash and being Sonic's best friend.

Much to her horror, the Dark Gaia Creatures and Ellidy's Badniks closed in to attack, forcing them to take shelter inside the house. But people still use this reason as an excuse to hate her. I really wanted to clear things up with fanbrats like them. Apparently, there's a bloody series dedicated to making excuses.

How do you feel about their relationship and how would you feel it has benefited either Bunnie or Antoine? Nor does it make you superior to others' opinions which conflicts your own. Milf sweet pussy. But I think this might just be a rumor. Ultimately, the episode's problems comes down to stereotyping and identity. I ended up in a long and dreary flame war of attrition with someone over the idea that they had tenuously linked Scourge being an man-whore to Sally.

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She wanted to be a Freedom Fighter, and with hard, hard work, she got there. After the duo emerged victorious, Chip restored the world and decided to seal himself with Dark Gaia and the Gaia Temples inside the world's core. Before editing, read the how to tag guide.

Nicole was only used to translate ancient language and display maps of Mobotropolis. Sexy slim thick girls. Sally tried her best to disable the spire with a Miles Electric but failed as Dark Gaia collected all of its remaining remnants to complete its perfect form. Naked sally acorn. Great tits t shirt SonAmy fans will be jeally trying to draw more fanbrat sonamy things begging for archies: All of his quirks are gone and it's because Sega of Japan wants him to be as cool as possible. Truth is that none of your favorite pairings are canon to the games because Sega has never made any of the pairings canon, nor did they confirm it.

SEGA had given evidence to diss it, and evidence to approve it. With Amy only shaken by the event, Sally broke down in grief, as she could recall her final few days and actions in the old timeline as Eggman's roboticised slave Mecha Sally. Rb Featured By Owner Dec 9, I don't care how you view me, or how I view you, but I'm proud of everybody.

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